Norfork Art Department

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 2011 - 2012 Syllabus Lessons and Resources

7th Grade
8th Grade
Art 1
Advanced Art
Other Assignments
 Value Drawing (Beginning)
  Photos of towels, Assignment
  Proportions of a Portrait,
  Surrealism Self Portrait
  Using Line to create Form, Value, Space
  Elliptical Perspective Drawing
Critical Analysis
Describing an Artwork
Analyzing an Artwork
  Interpretation of an Artwork
  Evaluation of an Artwork
  Critical Analysis Summary
Elements and Principles 1,
Elements and Principles 2
Elements and Principles 3
Proportion of a Portrait
Shape, Flash Drawing Skills
Facial Proportion
Dada and Surrealism
Op Art, Abstract Art,
Abstract Formalism w/Mondrian
Trees and Landscape
Octavio Ocampo
Other Quizzes
Art Quiz, Proportions of a Portrait Quiz, Mondrian
Surrealism Quiz, Georgia O'Keeffe,
Op Art, Shape
Proportions of a Portrait Rubric, Op Art, Drawing
Keith Haring Line Project, Artwork Rubric, Abstract   Design
Graph Drawing 1, 2, 3
Surrealism Worksheet
 Keith Haring
 Project Response Worksheets
 Drawing Warm-up
The World of Art - Reading /Worksheet
Drawing Insights:
Line, Shape, Value, Form, Light and Shadow, Space, Linear Perspective, Size and Proportion, Expressive Properties Quiz
Why Study Creativity?

Revised Blooms' Taxonomy
Creative Exercises
Articulation Create Online Cartoons Art Notes, Art Test