Synectic Triggers (PowerPoints):
Add, Combine, Distort, Analogize, Animate, Change Scale, Disguise, Empathize, Fantasize, Fragment, Hybridize, Isolate, Magnification, Metamorphose, Minification, Mythologize, Parody, Prevaricate, Repeat, Substitute, Subtraction, Superimpose, Symbolize, Transfer

Child Development: Creativity in young Children

Drawing Insights:
Line, Shape, Value, Form, Light and Shadow, Space, Linear Perspective, Size and Proportion

 100 Terrific Drawing Tips
 Arts and Crafts Difference
 Basic Rules of Good Composition (Photography)
 Composition Checklists
 Classicism vs Romanticism
  16 Painting Techniques (notes from video)
  Emotional Portraits Reference Images

Drawing Assessments:
Visual Field, Shape, Value, Dimension

Perspective Links:
1pt perspective: 1 pt chair, table, dresser
  drawing room, Drawing Room Instructions; 1 pt PowerPoint
  2pt perspective: 2 pt, table, house, house2, example,
  cubes, cylinders, Ink Drawings, 2 pt PowerPoint

Text and Study Guides:
Visual Art History, Photoshop/Gimp Instruction

More Resource Pages:
  Papermaking Projects
  Internet Scavenger Hunt
  Cool Web Sites  Drawing a Grid

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